[A transcript of a talk given in October 2007 at St. John's Church, Totnes, Devon]
Source: Classical Homeopathy for all Life

"Mr Ian Crane"

Thank you, Simon.

I probably should have called this talk tonight something like 'Is this for real?', because when I first started introducing this subject to people their reaction was, "Oh don't be so stupid, they're not going to do anything like that." And I said, "Well, believe it or not, that's exactly what they want you to think". And I had one of these conversations, and the next day I was doing some research and I pulled up a document from the National Health Federation … and the opening paragraph: 'NEVER HEARD OF CODEX? THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT.'

The Codex agenda … :

'Only low potency supplements available that will do nothing for your health.'
'All or most foods genetically modified.'
'And any beneficial supplements unavailable or sold only by prescription'
- which is, by the way, exactly the way it is in Norway right now and certain other countries are further down the road, but the keypoint here is 'Never heard of Codex? That's exactly what they want.'

So what I'm going to do tonight is basically put you on the spot, because after tonight you have to walk away from here and you have to make a decision, and it's going to be a very fundamental decision - and when I show you what's coming, I think you'll understand why it's an important decision.

Let me start by introducing you to this guy here, Mark J. Plotkin PH.D. I first came across this guy, or his books anyway, when I was doing some research in Central America about ten years ago and I read a book of his called 'The Shaman's Apprentice.' Plotkin is a Harvard graduate and he went on a trip…basically his first trip to the Amazon was just as a gofer, he just fancied a break during his summer vacation. So he managed to make his way on the trip as a bag carrier, but he was so fascinated by that trip that he decided that he actually wanted to change his course of study and actually study ethno-botany. So he went back in to the Amazon a couple of years later but this time on a different mission, and his mission was to go deep into the Amazon jungle and make contact with a tribe that had had almost no contact with the outside world. This took quite a while to set up, but he did this, and what he discovered there absolutely blew his mind, because what he discovered was a culture that was really totally unspoilt by the Western world. Basically the people ran around naked. The only dress was that the men had a litle piece of string around their waist and, after a few days, he realised that this string actually had a purpose: when these guys were hunting in the jungle, they used this piece of string to tuck a certain apendage out of the way so it didn't catch when they were jumping over the trees and the branches in the forest, but that was it.

But what fascinated him was their medicines and the fact that the shaman, the medicine man, was this repository of information that had been handed down generation after generation - and each shaman, as they reached a certain point in their life, would identify an apprentice within the tribe and it would be the responsibility of the shaman to pass on that information and that knowledge to the apprentice. Well, Plotkin put the effort in to learn about the work of the shaman, and what he realised was that these guys had medicines, natural medicines, natural potions that they were mixing together that basically cured their diseases and their illnesses and they really, you know, had a very long-life expectancy. So he actually made a note of this and he took that information back to L.A. and to fund his trips to the Amazon, he sold that information that he had picked up to a pharmaceutical company.

When he went back to the Amazon he went back up to meet that same tribe four years later and when he came up to the landing stage on the river, first of all what shocked him was these guys came down to meet him in cut-off Levis and Hawain shirts - gone was the string around the waist. But then what he saw next threw him into a rage, because he went into the Shaman's hut and gone were all the vases of the local herbs and the local plants for making the medicines and they were replaced with rows of bottles from the pharmaceutical companies and when he looked closely, he realised that some of these medicines were the synthetics that had been created from the information that he had sold to the pharmaceutical companies four years previously. And he asked the Shaman why it was that they were using these medicines and he said, "Well the missionaries told us that to use our natural medicines is the work of the devil and that we have to use these bottled medicines." Well I encourage you to read this book, it's still available, The Shaman's Apprentice. He actually goes very easy on the missionaries; one would expect, based on his experience, for him to be a little harsher but he tries to go a little easy. The book, the Shaman's Apprentice was actually turned into a film as well, which is also available on DVD, but this is the quote that struck me: 'Every time a shaman dies, it's as if a library burned down.'

Well, being a student of the Ancient Traditions and the passage of Ancient Wisdom, of course this isn't the first time that we've seen this type of situation. I mean, the same people who were pushing the synthetic medicines on the tribes have the same belief system as those who burned down the library of Alexandria in 415; who burned thousands upon thousands of books … in the 16th century in Central America and, of course, actually they are doing it right now in Baghdad with the destruction of the Baghdad museum, and the Special Forces that are going out in to Ancient Sumer and trying to hunt down any of the ancient texts, just in case there's anything there that contradicts their belief system they wish to put out to the masses. (See 'Special Investigation' by Robert Fisk - 'It is the death of history. 2000-year-old Sumerian cities torn apart and plundered by robbers. The very walls of the mighty Ur of Chaldees cracking under the strain of massive troop movements, the privatisation of looting as landlords buy up the ancient sites of Mesopotamia to strip them of their artefacts and wealth. The near total destruction of Iraq's historic past - the very cradle of human civilisation - has emerged as one of the most shameful symbols of our disastrous occupation.) Plotkin recognised that basically here we have a situation where knowledge that had been handed down for a millenia was being wiped out in a heartbeat.

The pharmaceutical industry, fundamentally, is about 80-years old.

And a look on the other side, this is a book that's just been published by F. William Engdahl 'Seeds of Destruction', The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation. I'm just going to read you a review of a friend of mine in Canada: "This skillfully researched book focuses on how a small socio-political American elite seeks to establish control over the very basis of human survival: the provision of our daily bread. 'Control the food and you control the people.'

"This is no ordinary book about the perils of GMO. Engdahl takes the reader inside the corridors of power, into backrooms of science labs, behind closed doors in the corporate boardrooms. The author cogently reveals a diabolical World of profit-driven political intrique, government corruption and coercion, where genetic manipulation and the patenting of life forms are used to gain worldwide control over food production." This is just the tip of the iceberg.

'15th May 2007. Gordon Brown calls for Globalisation & the introduction of a New World Order.'

Gordon Brown has thrown his hat into the arena with this constant reference to the New World Order - a phrase that had never crossed his lips until January 15th of this year - and he was actually in India when he read a speech, rather hautingly I think actually, but this was the first time that he mentioned the phrase 'New World Order'. Tony Blair only mentioned this phrase a couple of times and both of those occasions were in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. Gordon Brown gave a speech to the CBI, the Confederation of British Industry, in May of this year, six weeks before he was sworn in as the unelected Prime Minister of this country, and in that speech he mentions the phrase 'New World Order' no fewer than nine times.

The New World Order is very, very significant. I mean George Orwell wrote a book…most people know him from 1984; very few people know of a book he wrote in 1938 called 'The New World Order', an extremely prescient book; arguably, even more prescient than 1984.

Hitler used the phrase 'New World Order'. Hitler's primary financial backers were the phamaceutical industry. I.G. Farben, which was effectively the conglomerate of the three major German pharmaceutical companies: Hoechst, Bayer and BASF. The CEO's of those companies were charged at Nurembourg and were convicted of war crimes. Most people think of Auschwitz as a concentration camp. What most people don't know is that Auschwitz was the largest work camp ever known; it was ten square miles. IG Farben were using these people as slave labour but, also, more significantly, as tests, human guinea pigs. The CEO's were jailed after the war but, within ten years, two of the senior players in IG Farben were back at the helm of two of the major German pharmaceutical companies: Hoechst and BASF.

It shouldn't be of any surprise to anybody that the pharmaceutical industry is the most significant financial backer of the Bush regime.

So Gordon Brown has made it very clear that he is absolutely signed up to the agenda of the New World Order, and we're going to look at some of the aspects of that agenda.

'Globalisation' is definitely a key aspect, and we see this coming down the tracks. And most people really have no concept about what's coming, because the powers that be - just as they don't want you to know what the details of Codex is all about - don't want you to know about the detail of the political agenda, because it's a little sensitive.

So after the Second World War this is what the map of Europe would have looked like: 27 different nations represented there, all responsible for their own internal policy, philosophy, lifestyle but, of course, since 1957 and the establishment of the Club of Rome, which was initially an economic co-operation…or economic co-operative organisation, it's grown into a 27-nation Superstate. And right now a governor of a state in the US has more power, more autonomy, than a prime minister of a European nation. There is more Federal Law in Europe than there is in the US, and Europe as a Federation has been around since March 15th, 1957 and there is more federal legislation than the US, which has been around for 231 years.

But this is only the start of things to come, because whilst Europe has been coming together as a Superstate, this has been happening in other areas of the world: we have the League of African Nations, the League of Arab nations, the Asia Pacific Economic Community, the South East Asia Economic Community and the one that's coming really fast down the track, the North American Union - this is so imminent. It's been brought about by the collapse of the dollar. Interestingly enough, if you look at the graphs, and there was one published in The Independent just a few days ago, it shows the start of the decline of the dollar at the moment that George Bush was appointed to the White House by the democratic process of the Supreme Court, ruling 5-to-3 in his favour, and that's the start of the decline - and we haven't seen the end of it by any stretch of the imagination.

The intention is to create the North American Union - and if you think that this is fantasy, it just so happens I picked up a magazine of the National Health Federation, 'Health Freedom News', and the Chairman of that organisation, who I'll mention later, is a Brit by the name of Paul Anthony Taylor and his lead article in this edition is the 'North American Union - an amusing joke or a super government in the making?' This guy is one of the lead players on the non-government organisation that has rights to participate in the Codex process, so if anybody knows what he's talking about and what he's experiencing it should be Paul Anthony Taylor.

There's another reason - apart from the economic relationship, which is perhaps even more sinister - that the US desperately wants to create the North American Union, and that is because their military is struggling to recruit, funnily enough. So by opening the borders I don't think they're going to get too many Canadians signing up for the military, but the Mexicans will be streaming across the border. So, all of a sudden, this North American Union, which is just the next step on from the North American Free Trade Association which, of course, the EU is just the same step beyond the European Economic Community, once that happens then they will have a North American Army, and what you'll see is that where the US wants to pursue its agenda of hegemeny, it will be mainly Mexicans.

I just about mention this document in pretty much every one of my talks, and I've been doing this for a number of years and it's still probably a very under-rated document, it's called 'Rebuilding America's Defences'. It's written by an organisation called, 'The Project for the New American Century'. This particular document was published in September 2000 and if you read it, you'll think that this was like George Orwell on acid. It literally talks about the US to dominate the globe and to do it by any means available, which fundamentally means militarily. It even has a couple of paragraphs on the use of pharmaceuticals to enhance the performance of the military, reducing fear, reducing the requirement for food and water - ("Toward a 21st century army. Future soldiers may operate in encapsulated, climate-controlled, powered-fighting suits, laced with sensors, and boasting chameleonlike 'active' camouflage. 'Skin-patch' help regulate fears, focus concentration and enhance endurance and strength.") - effectively turning the military into a robotic force. So it shouldn't surprise you that the US military is guilty of so many attrocities, because they're drugged up to the flipping eyeballs. They're not human. They're not having any rational thought processes …

So you read this document and you think, my God, this is the work of some real sick psychopath; but then you turn to the back page and you see it's not the work of one person it's actually the work of 27, including the likes of Paul Wolfowitz; Donald Rumsfeld; the current head of the World Bank, Zoellick, who replaced Wolfowitz; Rabbi Dov Zakheim, who was the guy who on September 10th, 2001 announced to the media that The Pentagon could no longer account for 2.3 trillion dollars ( - funny enough, that little comment got lost in the aftermath of the following day (9/11). But these guys have spelt their agenda out in words of one syllable in this document, so it shouldn't really be any surprise what's going on here. And because of their belief system - and I discussed the belief systems in a DVD that I put together called 'Fool Me Once' - but these guys absolutely believe that the more information they put out for people to see and then they do nothing about, that gives them a mandate. So when we read information - and what I'm going to show you during the course of the evening is that a lot of what I'm talking about is actually out there for people to see - but then when we elect to do nothing about it, they then take that as a mandate to pursue their agenda and they will push. And right now we see them pushing pushing pushing until such point as they get civil unrest and then, okay, they might just sort of back off a tad.

So what the next step is going to be is the merger of The American Union with the EU, making it the most powerful economic block obviously in the world; it will be totally dominant economically and it will very quickly swallow up all the other trade communities - all under the banner of the United Nations. The symbolism of the United Nations' flag is very significant. That grid that's over the top of the world is very significant. This very aggressive-looking symbol underneath there. Does anybody recognise that symbol? It's The World Bank. And a book that I would highly recommend to you…by the way, I don't usually bring so much of my research material but with this particular subject so many people think that this is just fantasy, I thought I have to bring some material. So if you want, later on, you can come and look for yourselves…but this is a book called the 'Confessions of an Economic Hitman (the shocking story of how America really took over the world) by a guy called John Perkins, who spent many years working for the World Bank…or for subsidiaries of the World Bank, and his job was to go into developing nations and persuade the governments to buy into massive credit plans - basically to bring that developing nation government in to hock, because - just like on the microcosm, once you've got an individual in serious debt, basically you've got them under control and the same thing with the macrocosm - if you can get a nation into serious debt then you basically have them where you want them. And it shouldn't come as any great surprise to you that there's a very common denominator between all the countries that are classified as 'the axis of evil'… and it's the countries like Cuba, North Korea, Iran, recently Russia … Venezuela, of course, and an increasing number of Latin American countries … all of these countries that are part of the 'axis of evil' are free of debt …

The World Bank has a couple of henchmen to carry out its will and that is the World Trade Organisation, which has been around since 1995, and the World Health Organisation. Now these two organisations are complete misnomers, because let me asure you that the World Trade Organisation has nothing really to do with world trade and the World Health Organisation definitely has nothing to do with health. Basically, any country that is signed up to membership of the World Trade Organisation is effectively under the auspices of the UN. So anything that the WTO deems to be 'law', the member countries have to abide by and I'll give you one example you won't be aware of: the World Trade Organisation has deemed it quite legitimate for the US to export its hormone-impregnated beef. And it sees no reason why any nation, certainly any member nation, should reject the importation of contaminated beef, i.e. contaminated with the growth hormone. The EU at the moment refuses to import the American beef, so the EU has to pay a fine to the World Trade Organisation of £150 million Euros a year, because we don't want their contaminated beef. And that fine will increase - as the EU continues to reject it, then the fine increases until in the end they take it. But who's going to eat it? Well you won't know, because a big part of Codex is to remove the labelling on food.

Now the EU…a lot of people are under the mis-impression that the EU is a democratic organisation. Let me categorically assure you it's not. First of all we could get into a debate about whether you can actually mention the two phrases: democracy and a three-lined whip in the same breath. I mean, a three-lined whip is not democracy - and that's exactly what we have here, but the EU is even worse. When you elect your MEP it's basically about as effective as electing your shop steward if you're a member of the Trade Union, just as your shop steward you're electing to represent you to the management, but the shop steward has absolutely … no role in terms of determining the strategy or the direction of the company, and this is exactly the case with the MEP's: they are a consultative body - nothing more, nothing less; the real power lies with the Trade Commissioners …

The EU doesn't have a president yet but in the Constitution, you know, it does call for a president, which also will be not elected, will be appointed, and do you know who has been promised the presidency? Tony Blair. Why do you think he has to convert to Catholicism? There's no way a protestant can be president of the EU. The EU is a Catholic entity, it's not called the Club of Rome for nothing. For Tony to become the EU President, has to convert to Catholicism … (There's a picture of Tony Blair locked in a cell, which Ian Crane says he hopes to live to see!) I mean, no question, this guy is a war criminal of the first order. There's a whole team of them. Alistair Campbell, I mean there's another war criminal. Alistair Campbell very definitely has the blood of David Kelly on his hands one way or another and Tony, of course, just lied through the whole of his tenure.

So, what we have is the Soviet State of Great Britain. I mean, you may or may not be aware that Jacqui Smith … within one week of being appointed Home Secretary signed a piece of legislation that gave access to more non-government agencies to the personal lives of everybody in this country than the KGB ever had at the height of the Soviet Empire. And by the way, let me tell you, that the loss of these discs may actually be good news … The biometric ID cards were coming down the track so fast that the loss of these discs has proven that basically these guys cannot be trusted with basic data. So don't look on this as totally negative, somebody may be doing us a big favour here.

I mean the media are putting out…you see this is the thing, the media are saying, "We were promised a referendum, but you're not going to give us one." And what the media will do … is they will push this and push this and push this and when there is no reaction from the public, then Brown will just take it as a mandate to sign us in to the EU and that will be it, done and dusted. And we may have seen the last election where it's possible to include in your Manifesto any nationalistic policy because under the EU Constitution, it will be illegal for any political party to campaign or have within its manifesto any nationalistic ambitions which, of course, effectively overnight makes the Welsh Nationalist, the Scottish Nationalist, the BNP - some would argue that's not a bad thing - will make any party that campaigns on the basis of nationalism, effectively illegal.

Even The Sun … "EUROPE. Never have so few decided so much for so many." And earlier, I think it was this week, Trevor Kavanagh - "Wake-up call coming for EU Sleepers." I've been saying for many years that this guy is the most important political commentator in the country in Australia, but he is Murdoch's political man, writing for The Sun - 13 million people a day read or, at least, skim on what this guy has to say in terms of political comment - and in this article … he's basically saying, "My God, aren't the British people waking up to what's occuring?" Now I don't believe that he for one minute wants to stop, nor does his boss, Murdoch, want to stop it. What they're doing is they're just testing the water and they're saying, "How far can we push these people?" And there's no reaction, of course!

What are the objectives of the New World Order?

1. One World Government
2. One World Economy
3. One World Religion (theirs)
4. Population <1 Billion people (less than 1 Billion)

You think that's ridiculous, it's not going to happen, but let me tell you there are organisations and they are becoming even more open about this goal to reduce the population.

I just want to flag up this, because this is very significant. The Club of Rome is effectively an inner group within…well the Bilderbergers were a spin-off of the Club of Rome, but the people who sit on this think-tank are deep within the inner workings - and this particular report is the first ever mention that I can find of 'Global Warming' (1991 published by the Club of Rome).

Now read this very carefully

In searching for a new enemy to unite us, (This was written immediately after the fall of the Soviet Empire, so the Cold War was ostensibly over.)

"In searching for a new enemy to unite us,
we came up with the idea that pollution,
the threat of global warming, water shortages,
famine and the like would fit the bill…
All these dangers are caused by human intervention…

And then this wonderful pay-off line at the bottom:


These guys are very smart, take nothing away from them, they know their game; they're very good at it, they've had many years of practice. So what they do is they come up with stuff like this to keep us chasing our tail, you know, and then basically keep us sort of focussed. I mean all this green stuff…(oh by the way, the press said that I'm a green campaigner. I'm not a green campaigner; I'm a campaigner for Truth and Political Integrity … and Honesty.) What these guys are making very clear is that they will come up with an agenda that keeps people locked into this vicious cycle, you know, and we can tax them for it. We can come up with all these 'green taxes'. I mean, this stuff about Peak oil … at best is 50 / 100 years away. What I'm talking to you about tonight is two-and-a-half years away and less.

This wonderful piece of work belongs to Dr Eric Pianka, Professor of Zoology at the University of Texas in Austin and he made a speech less than two years ago (August 2006):

'top scientist gave a speech to the Texas Academy of Science in which he advocated the need to exterminate 90% of the population through the airborne ebola virus.

Dr Pianka's chilling comments and their enthusiastic reception, again underscore the elite's agenda to enact horrifying measures of population control.' (Pianka's speech was ordered to be kept off the record before it begun.)

This guy got a standing ovation.

Just in case anybody is in any doubts, this henge is called the Georgia Guidestones and it manifested mysteriously in 1980 and on it there are I think twelve objectives and they're carved out in 12 languages. I'm not going to go through all of the objectives, but you might be interested in a couple of them because the top one says:

1. Maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature… . The US population is 300 million right now …
2. Guide reproduction wisely, improving fitness and diversity. Where did we last hear that? Oh Mein Kampf. We're talking the same agenda …

On 9/11, Senator Gary Hart made a statement on TV and in that statement he said, "Americans will likely die on American soil, possibly in large numbers." Now when I heard him make that speech, and it took me a couple of months before I actually sort of managed to find the video of it and look at it again, because it was a speech I was watching it in Berlitz, so it was early in the morning for me when 9/11 was going down, but I remembered that speech - but I later traced it. He wasn't actually making that speech from any original point of view, he was actually quoting from another report, written by another extreme right-wing group, the Project for the New American Century, and it was the Hart-Rudman U.S. Commission on National Security and they actually included this statement in their report: "Americans will likely die possibly in large numbers."

I reckon he was talking about the pharmaceutical industry because:

"in the US alone, there are over 106,000 deaths every year from properly prescribed medicines, taken exactly as directed."

This has opened up a whole new avenue of research for me and there's one particular book that I came across called 'Corporate Crime in the pharmaceutical industry' by John Braithwaite - and when I tried to get my hands on it, you know what, I was being told that 'the pharmaceutical industry (this book was published in 1984) had basically tried to buy up every copy of this book.' I eventually managed to get this copy for the princely sum of 58-quid would you believe … And look at this: "Another 150,000 people will die every year as a result of other medical blunders, making deaths caused by doctors one of the leading causes (some would say THE leading cause) of death in the USA. Well, of course, MRSA is also catching up with that.

In 1990-2000 it's estimated that 7.8 million people suffered death from properly prescribed and properly implemented medications.

When the pharmaceutical industry does a test, it has to prove that there is a percentage of the people who are participating in that test who receive some positive benefit from that particular medication. Any idea what the percentage that they have to prove is? It's 5%. Coincidentally, by the way, that's exactly the percentage of the survival rate of anybody with cancer who undertakes Chemo.

So Big Pharma, believe it or not, actually kills more people than:-

1. The US Military.
That's a tough one to believe but they do. Just to put this in perspective, in 2002 the top ten pharmaceutical companies earned more in profits than the rest of the 490 companies in the Fortune 500 put together. It changed in 2003 with the oil industry deciding to get a piece of the action. But this is the magnitude of the profitability.
2. Automobile Accidents.
3.Police and Civilian Firearms.
… 1997 was the first year that more people had died through accidental firearm incidents than through automobile accidents in the US …
4. Terrorism.

… Once you discount 9/11; once you discount the Madrid bombs on 3/11; the London bombs on 7/7, etc., any idea how many people die from terrorism? NONE. Big fat zero. Yet we have a war on terror. Basically, fundamentally, what's killing people is not terror, it's the pharmaceutical industry and they want more of the action. So why don't we know about it? Well that's really very simple: the dumming down process is remarkable. It's very very successful. About four weeks ago on BBC1, I think it was 8.30 in the evening, on BBC1 there was a programme, which was the BBC doing a bit of balanced reporting and it was presenting the case for a DNA database. On Channel 4 was Peter Obourne doing an expose of Corruption in the EU. On ITV was Coronation Street. Now which of those programmes…forget it, you know the answer!

People are starting to realise and to ask questions, even in the semi-mainstream media, about the impact of food. This dumming down process, coupled with a dia reduction in food quality, is taking its toll. (New Scientist. 'All-American high. Can fast-food alter your brain in the same way as tobacco and heroin?') Well I'm going to tell you that it's actually nearly 30 years since my first experience of realising that food impacts on behaviour. At the time I was a young training officer … and we had an apprentice there who was a punk. I mean he came in to work every day dressed like a punk, which was not a problem, he was a wonderful character. I always worked on the basis that I want people working in my teams who have some drive. My basic principle is it's far easier to reign in a bucking bronko than it is to try and kick-start a dead donkey. Well this guy was a serious bucking bronko and I didn't want to lose the guy, but his behaviour was unpredictable to say the least. We had a company doctor and I went to speak to this company doctor and I sat and listened to him and he went on at me for about twenty minutes saying how he believed that if he could get this guy to change his diet it would change his behaviour, and I sat there thinking 'yeah, right!' Anyway, I had a lot of respect for this particular doctor and I persuaded this young man to come in to see the doctor with his mother. I told him basically this was his last chance; I mean if this didn't work out, there was no way the company was going to be able to keep him on the payroll. Anyway he came in and he agreed to abide by the diet plan with this doctor. This was 1979 … I kid you not, six weeks later I didn't recognise that young man and he didn't recognise himself either. Now this is totally without any medication; it was totally on the basis of whatever that doctor had recommended as a change of diet …

This was from the Daily Mail just a few days ago (22nd November 2007): "EU Ethics experts are expected to call for a ban on cloned farming amid concern over animal welfare." But look at this piece here, it's so significant:

"The US Food and Drug Administration is expected to give approval for the sale of cloned animal food - without labelling - in the next few weeks …"

The food labelling committee is the responsibility of the Canadians, very close, obviously, to the US. A lot of pressure from the US. And if we know that food that is labelled has an effect on behaviour, what the hell are we going to do when we have no idea what crap we're eating? I mean, this is how the ORGANIC FARMING is being put under threat, because once the labelling is removed, how is the consumer to determine whether the piece of meat they're buying is cloned; is contaminated with growth hormone?

It shouldn't be any surprise to you that Texas is the largest provider of prime beef in the US and where the biggest people live, yeah - that growth hormone doesn't just stop in the beef. I lived in Texas for four-and-a-half years, I mean they're mnonsters, it's like living in the land of giants.

Thank God Ritalin wasn't around when my young apprentice had his problems - but this is an extremely pernicious drug.

This was in the Daily Mail, I think this was at the beginning of the week, and here we have a situation again where the media are telling us what's going on. Look at the headline here, the sub-headline: " Thousands of hyperactive children are being given Ritalin (which can stunt growth) or even schizophrenic drugs. Are they victims of greedy drug firms and doctors too quick to diagnose a condition many say doesn't exist." In the US right now, and this is actually quoted in this article … 10% of all school-aged children are prescribed Ritalin - and it's increasing in the UK. From this article again, "Perhaps most disturbing is the suggestion that ADHD is nothing more than the invention of pharmaceutical companies who have used clinical trials to create a disease that can be treated with their drugs. Last year, the NHS spent £28 million on Ritalin alone."

Now, Ritalin is a stimulant. I mean, basically, it's likened to Cocaine. I mean, we'd be mortified if any parent gave their kids Cocaine - but this is effectively what we're doing. In fact, doctors don't understand how Ritalin works, because it's a stimulant yet it has the opposite effect, it calms them down. And some of you may have seen a Panorama broadcast a few weeks ago where they were talking to families that were prescribed Ritalin and this mother of a hyperactive young girl said, "Well, yeah, it's nice to actually sort of see her calm and sitting at the table, but it's not my daughter." We're condemning these kids to a life of prescribed drugs. We are basically…it is becoming a zombie nation, and we're cutting away the possibility of any spiritual connect at any juncture in their life - which, of course, is by design.

For the adults, it's Prozac… . Oh, this is obviously for my benefit, THE DAILY SUPERPILL FOR MEN OVER 50." Well, apparently, this is the basis…this drug is the same basis as this experiment here. This was on the front page of The Independent, 2nd November 2007 - fortunately they tried it out in mice before they decided to offer it to the 50-year-old men: "It can run for hours at 20 metres a minute without getting tired; it lives longer, has more sex, eats more without gaining weight - could the science that created this be applied to humans?" Yeah, bring it on - phew!

They're telling us, it's in our face, "We are a nation addicted to pills" - not because we want to be addicted, but because the pharmaceutical industry needs us to be addicted; it's critical.

Big Pharma has a very, very simple philosophy:

"from the moment a lifeform is conceived until that lifeform deceases, it is a revenue stream - from Concep$ion to D£ath…

What is interesting in this book the 'Corporate Crime', the guy, John Braithwaite actually tries to understand the mentality, because it actually rocks him that the people he's talking to, the people he's interviewing all seem like nice family men individually … but collectively, these guys take on a completely different persona. There is not an ounce of humanity in their agenda. There's not an ounce of compassion. It is totally about profits! It's a bit like the American military trying to find ways to kill people remotely. If you can remove the face-to-face contact, it's a lot easier to get people to do things that they wouldn't do if they can actually look in the whites of the eyes of the individual.

So Codex. CODEX is a very, very complex structure. I mean this is just sort of an introduction, but Codex consists of 27 different committies, looking at a whole bunch of different aspects associated with the entire food chain … but there's two particular committies that really impact on everything else and that is these two here: Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary uses, which is hosted by Germany and Food Labelling, hosted by Canada. Now these two committies impact on all of the others put together and so when I talk about Codex, in most cases I'm talking about these two committies - because it's these two committies that are already setting the trend for where we're going:

- on moving away from the choice of Organic food and away from the choice of Complementary natural healthcare.

This statement, and you have to forgive me for using the quote - because this guy is a lawyer, so he has to use a hundred words when probably two would do - but this is I think a pretty good summary of the whole thing; he says: "Codex is the political equivalent of the current toxicology manuals because it endorses and promotes for international trade and consumption in the whole wide world everything from pesticides to irradiation, genetically-engineered foods and synthetic analogs for drugs and nutrients, in preference to bio-compatible natural substances."

Now what we're talking about here is the process of gradualism. So if somebody says to you, 'Oh we're still going to have access to organic food in 2010', they're probably right, but if somebody says, 'Oh we're still going to have organic food in 2020', right now I would say they're probably wrong - because this is the process of gradualism - and what the Codex Committees do, because they're under phenomenal pressure from the pharmaceutical companies and the likes of Monsanto, is that they do it through gradualism, so it's little by little, push a little, and then every now and again they'll give a little, so they take your eye off the ball. I mean, as in France recently, you know in France they said okay…and what was announced in the media is the number of acres dedicated to organic farming would increase - and that was what hit the media - what they didn't say was that the number of acres that was going to be handed over to GM crops was going to increase at three times the rate. You have to find what's not written.

Codex was actually started in 1962 and I am quite prepared to believe that the people who orginally dreamed up the concept were working on the side of benevolence. It was only after the likes of Monsanto and the likes of the pharmaceutical industry, who saw the potential for reaping the benefits of Codex, that they started to get in on board here. And, of course, what we're talking about here are organisations that basically have bottomless pockets … These guys have got teams of people working on strategies to maximise the opportunities brought about by the implementation of Codex Alimentarius. This is a real David and Golliath situation. Now I wouldn't be here tonight if I didn't think that David had a chance. I think David's got more than a chance but there's a lot of groundwork to do to really give David a chance.

Codex serves the economic interests of Big Pharma and what is really of concern is that the World Trade Organisation will implement Codex using Napoleonic Law …

Napoleonic Law hasn't existed in the UK since 1215 because in the UK, since Magna Carta, we've had Common Law. And what COMMON LAW IS is that unless something is specifically banned, it's okay. So unless something is specifically mentioned in the piece of legislation to outlaw it, it's okay. NAPOLEONIC LAW IS completely the opposite: unless something is specifically mentioned, it's banned. And the way the pharmaceutical companies work and the way the food companies work is what they're trying to do with the Codex committies is make the testing process so outrageous and outrageously expensive that the only people that can afford to get things on the 'approved list' will be the Monsantos and the pharmaceutical companies. Nobody else will be able to afford to go through the rigorous tests, which you have to go through, to get a product on to the approved list. I mean, this is outrageous; it's completely outrageous!

They nearly got away with this in the US in 1994 … people were hitting the street big time and they were always rallying at the Whole food stores. Well, right across the US, hundreds of thousands, probably millions in total, people hit the streets and they were protesting against the implementation of Codex Alimentarius. And it was kept out of the international media; in fact, it was kept out of the limited national US media, it was only reported on local basis. So the people in Texas who were protesting actually didn't realise the people in the other cities around the States were also protesting. But people were writing to their senators and eventually the senate realised that actually there was such a groundswell of opinion here, they needed to do something about it. So this legislation, the DSHEA legislation, which is the Health Education Act, was implemented in 1994 and this effectively put a ring-fence around the health food and complementary health and alternative therapy industries in the US. So what did the Codex commission do? Just go, damn, okay let's turn our attention to Europe. So for the last 13 years they've been trying to eat away at the protectionism of the individual countries within the European states. They've been working on the basis that none of the European countries talk to each other, which they're right about.

The British Government has washed its hands of this … The British Government has said "We'll just do whatever we're told to do by the EU", which is basically what has to happen anyway, because the EU issues two things: directives and regulation. If they issue a Regulation, basically that is law! If they issue a Directive, what they're saying is 'Look, okay, it doesn't have to be law right now. We're going to let you go through the charade of making it look like you're making the decision, but you have to actually implement the legislation.'

The privatisation that is going on - it's not this government making the decision to privatise the industries; the German government is not making the decision to privatise the Dutch railway system, or the French making the decision - it's EU Directive that's coming down the chain … So, the DSHEA legislation is a ring-fence around this for the US but as soon as the EU capitulates, the way the World Trade Organisation operates is that if they've got a templar in place in the EU, they can then say to every other part of the world, "this is what you now have to do and if you don't do it, we are going to start fining you."

Here's a quick summary of Codex goals and objectives, and this is from the National Health Federation:

International (global) harmonisation - 'Harm…onisation' - there's nothing good about this process;
Abolition of Organic Farming - through the abolition of labelling;
Introduction of GM food and livestock;
Removal of all ingredient-labelling;
And restriction of all Natural remedies, to include all supplements, herbs, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic remedies, flower remedies etc. etc.

People don't even realise in this country that the gradualism really kicked in two years ago, because there's still little bottles on the shelves that say supplement and vitamins and everything else, but get a bottle that is pre-2005 and get a current bottle and look at the dosage: the dosage has been dramatically reduced. The dosages that you can buy today in the UK are, basically, totally ineffectual - and this is the first step towards abolition.


Unlabelled GM processed foods which, of course, means low nutrients, low minerals, low vitamin values;
All vitamin and mineral supplements to be of low dosage, i.e. ineffectual;
And herbs and other natural health remedies to be classified as Drugs.

The Alliance for Natural Health right now is actually fighting a case on behalf of a lady in France who is being … charged with the equivalent legislation of being a drug dealer, because she was growing 'illegal' herbs.

Oh, and the connectivity of things. One thing I've learnt in the course of my research is, you know, the picture is never one dimensional. And here we have this situation coming down the track again where we're all going to have to switch to these low-energy light bulbs … but there's a big problem here, there is a very big problem, each bulb contains 5mg of MERCURY. Okay, so the bulbs last a bit longer but, basically, these bulbs are going to be used en-masse for the next ex-number of years - what's the disposal mechanism for them? Throw them in the trash. I mean, we haven't heard anything about the way in which these things are supposed to be disposed of, so they'll just go in to the trash, and they'll go into landfill. Multiply the number of homes in this country by the number of bulbs that people are discarding over a year, it's going into landfill - okay, it's not quite as bad as depleted Uranium, but it's ain't far off in the long term. We are poisoning the flipping water supply with things that are being sold to us on the basis of 'Oh it will help fight global warming', and up that construct of the Club of Rome from 1991. It's going to impact on the quality of food even if you did think you were going to be able to fight this.

This is The Independent on Sunday from a few weeks ago when it transpired that the British Government has been funding the research of GM crops in this country and stating that GM potatoes will be grown in this country in about 2009.

I have some DVD's of a film called 'The Future of Food', which talks about how Monsanto has been sowing the GM seeds in the West of the US - deliberately choosing the West, because the trade winds blow East, so contaminating the farms east of the trial farms. This was from the Director of Corporate Communications from Monsanto, and he says:

"Monsanto should not have to vouch for the safety of biotech food. Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible. Ensuring its safety is the job of the FDA." (Phil Angell, Director of Corporate Communications, Monsanto. New York Times, 28th October 1998.)

Well we've seen how the Food and Drug Administration deal with the sale of cloned meat! And who do you think is paying for the FDA? Who do you think pays for their holidays etc?……..

This was from the Monsanto Inhouse Newsletter in October 6th, 2000:

"Agricultural biotechnology will find a supporter occupying the White House next year, regardless of which candidate wins the election…"

These guys have so much money that they can afford to buy everybody. There's only one organisation that funds more political activity in the US than the pharmaceutical and biotech industry - and they have a Star of David on their flag.

BIG PHARMA CONSPIRACY FACTS - Corporate Crime in the pharmaceutical industry.

Aspartame - Searle - but this is the guy I want to talk to you about, because there's a link between Aspartame and Tamiflu which, of course, is a life-saver to the latest outbreak of Bird Flu. Do you recognise the guy? Donald Rumsfeld. Donald Rumsfeld was a CEO of Searle, which is owned by Monsanto, and Searle developed Aspartame and obviously wanted to get it into the food chain. Well the FDA resisted, because obviously there was research that proved that it was causing brain damage in young rats. But that didn't stop the young Donald Rumsfeld and as soon as Reagan was appointed President, he made sure - because he financed Reagan's campaign - he made sure that Reagan removed the head of the FDA and a few months later, the new head of the FDA approved the use of Aspartame in the food chain. So, in the US today, there are a number of individual States … in a number of States, Aspartame is banned from drinks that are marketed under 12's. But, of course, here it's pumped into kids it's 'sugar free' - but it causes brain cancer in young rats.

Tamiflu. Gilead pharmaceutical developed Tamiflu. They couldn't do anything with it so they sold the marketing rights to Roach and it was just lost in the marass of drugs that don't go anywhere. But then Donald Rumsfeld was appointed Secretary of State and all of a sudden 'Bird Flu' is the new big danger. And, of course, it's still being bumped as the 'big danger'. I read just yesterday that Alan Johnson, the British Health Secretary, has just authorised the purchase of another 14 million dosage of Tamiflu. And do you know what, Gilead pharmaceutical's own documentation says that Tamiflu only delays the symptoms for between 24-48 hours. It's useless! And Alan Johnson has said that he's also purchased a whole bunch of antibiotics to deal with those cases where Tamiflu doesn't deal with the symptoms. I mean, this is outrageous. I mean, if something is coming down the line I can assure you ain't Bird Flu, and Tamiflu is going to be a complete waste of time.

A comment from the Natural Solutions Foundation, an organisation I'll mention later, and they said:

Codex Alimentarius is the shrewd vehicle for protecting the pharmaceutical industry. The industry has decided upon an unethical course of action by using deception and deceit in the quest to eliminate natural health products completely.

There is an organisation called the Natural Association of Health Food Stores, who you would think would be natural allies in the fight against the implementation of Codex. Well, there you'd be wrong, because the NAHFS have been targetted by the pharmaceutical industry and they have been shown how much greater their profits will be when they start selling synthetics over natural products. This is really a test for everybody: a test in terms of integrity and ethics.

Here's what's going on. The pharmaceutical companies are losing revenue hand-over-fist because people are turning to natural health products. And one of the biggest campaigners for this is a guy called Dr. Rath and he's produced this pocket-sized book called 'Road Map to Health'. Dr. Rath's claim to fame…and he's a hero in South Africa, because this guy realised that the pharmaceutical companies were making money hand-over-fist out of Aids. (Daily Mail by Karol Sikora, THE EPIDEMIC THAT NEVER WAS.) So he did his own research and what he discovered was that actually if you don't give drugs to people who are HIV positive but you treat them with natural remedies, you know, you get them to change their diet and you get them to use herbal remedies, they don't actually develop Aids. It's only when you start giving them the ARV's that they turn into Aids' victims. He's written this amazing book called 'End Aids' here and, of course, funnily enough, Dr Rath is not exactly favour of the day with the pharmaceutical companies, because they've lost a massive revenue stream from South Africa …

This was from The Times a few weeks ago … : 'Expert backs prescription by clinicians' - this is the biggest threat to the vast majority of complementary health practitioners, because part of the quest of the pharmaceutical companies is literally to shut out all non-medically qualified practitioners. So if you've qualified as a doctor first and then gone on to alternative therapies, then at least for the time being with the current plans of Codex you would still be able to prescribe medicines. This is the case in Germany right now. Homeopathic medicines are available but only when prescribed by a clinician.

2005, the Alliance for Natural Health launched a campaign in the European Courts to try and prevent Codex being implemented. The Judge was very sympathetic because the Judge, who was a EU Advocate General, referred to the arbitrary powers of the Codex-supporting EU legislation as being "about as transparent as a black box." Basically he was saying, and this is April 2005, 'no way, Codex. Take it away, it's not coming in to the EU, because we don't know what it's all about.' But Codex…or the World Trade Organisation decided that they would launch a case in the International Court of Justice in Luxembourg, and that case came to court on July 12th, 2005 … On July 12th, 2005, the International Court of Justice over-ruled the EU.

July 12th ruling of the International Court of Justice in Luxembourg followed the July 4th Rome meeting of Codex when the 85 countries present ratified the restrictive guidelines for dietary supplements. Canada and the USA amongst them. Objections from China and South Africa ignored. Just as in the original 2001 version, the current guidelines of the EU directive strictly prohibit information about diseases being treatable by nutrient - it is fundamentally illegal for a doctor to advise a patient that their condition may improve if they change their diet. This is outrageous.

These are the players: Dr Rolf Grossklaus - Chairman of Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses.

And this is the team that's fighting them:

International Non Government Organisation under the guise of the National Health Federation, and these are the three KEY players.
Consumer organizations launch campaign demanding right to referendums

Scott Tips, President of the NHF … : - (Codex Alimentarius, Global Food Imperialism) - a summary of articles by people who have first-hand experience of dealing with the Codex Alimentarius Commission;
Paul Anthony Taylor, Chairman NHF … - (Video talk)
and Dr. Robert Verkerk, Chief Executive, ANH - (The Human Time Bomb)

Dr Robert Verkerk is extremely important, because he realised what was occurring back in 2002. He was a professor at Imperial College in London and he decided to leave academia and take up the fight against Codex Alimentarius. He is the Scientific Advisor…he is the Chief Executive of the Alliance for Natural Health, and he's a Scientific Advisor to the National Health Federation …

If you're an organisation, it's fundamentally essential that you develop a strategy of how you're going to participate in resisting CODEX, because I promise you this is as real as anything.

In your research, you are going to come across other players, not least this lady: Dr. Rima Laibow … but she has an interesting partner, this guy here, Major-General Albert Stubblebine, but he's a Psy-ops specialist. These guys have formed an organisation, which appeared on the scene a couple of years ago, called the Natural Solutions Foundation …

I said right at the beginning of this talk you will have to go away and make a decision and that decision is … :

Consider what you can contribute to to the likes of Dr Verkerk in his campaign…
…because the only way of defeating Codex is through Science.
The best we can hope for is to slow it down until may be sense prevails.
Educate your colleagues
If you're part of an organisation, find out what your representative body's attitude is towards Codex and if they don't have a strategy, ask them why not …

I just want to close with a couple of quotes from one of my favourite philosopher, Marcus Aurelius (121-180 AD):

"Frequently consider the connectivity of ALL THINGS."

What I'm talking about with Codex is not one dimensional by any stretch of the imagination. It's linked to so much else that is going on. That's why it was so important, here tonight, to include a discussion on the New World Order, and the way in which the UN and the World Trade Organisation and World Health Organisation work with the EU and the way in which they effectively are riding roughshod over national governments. So, frequently consider the connectivity of ALL THINGS.

Thank you Ladies and Gentlemen for giving me your attention for an hour and a half.

"What we do in life, ripples through Eternity."

Thank you.

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